Creative Change Careers, LLC Serving northern Virginia, Washington, DC and Maryland
photos of business men and women in Washington, DC with aerial photos of metropolitan Washington and Alexandria, VA

Creative Change Careers, LLC (CCC) is a job search and career transition firm serving the Washington Metropolitan Area.

Whether the client who comes to us is unemployed and in job search or employed but wishing to change fields or careers, we focus on career development. We also emphasize the wide range of job opportunities found in this region as indicated in the following:

  • roughly 14,000 association headquarters
  • upwards of a half-million federal government civilian jobs
  • a variety of settings from Capitol Hill offices to trade groups that employ people interested in national politics
  • a distinctive array of museum and performing arts venues
  • a host of educational institutions
  • a private sector that has grown considerably in recent decades

If you are someone contemplating a job or career change, we have over a decade of expertise to help you meet your challenges. From individual assessment to planning a customized strategy for your next move, Creative Change Careers, LLC puts the focus on your individuality (personality as well as education, experience and skills) and helps you design a goal-based program for achieving personal satisfaction and career success.

Creative — describes the approach we use to help clients move forward by taking a fresh look at the subject matter which is you, the client. Sometimes, this process involves breaking open those comfortable boxes in which we come to view ourselves and our professional lives. We work with clients to formulate a step-by-step plan 1) in order to make our services financially reasonable and 2) to put the client in charge of their change process.

Change — is the basic process that most often brings individuals to use our services. Some people may have only a vague sense that a job or career change is needed while others arrive crystal clear about their next career objective. Rather than providing answers, we work with techniques whereby the client can test out the personal validity of what they discover about themselves through self-reflection, assessments, and exploratory exercises.

Careers — are the focus of the services we provide, but we do so in the broader context of the total person. Values and interests change as individuals develop and mature and must be considered to find genuine satisfaction. We use a coaching approach that pays attention to the full range of the client's concerns including life-work balance.

For more information about our services, please use our contact form, email us at or call us at 571-225-4062.

"It is work, work that one delights in, that is the surest guarantor of happiness."
— Ashley Montague, Author and Anthropologist

"Change does not roll in on the wheels of inevitability, but comes through continuous struggle." from Martin Luther King, Jr., sermon
— Civil Rights Leader, Nobel Peace Prize (1964)

"Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life."
— Confucius, Chinese Social Philosopher (1st c. B.C.)

"Fortune sides with him who dares."
— Virgil, The Aeneid